Leo <3

Last week I had the gorgeous little Leo at my studio. It’s always nice to photograph a child of someone you know, it makes it all that more special!

He literally was a dream throughout his whole session he just slept and slept, and the occasional smile came out too.

Dad asked for something lion themed, scouring through my props I had nothing at all that I could use, so I bit the bullet and made my own cute little lion hat that I am sure will be used many more times in the future on both newborn and sitter sessions.


The best age to capture your baby is between 7-10 days old, this is when they are most bendy, sleepy and dreamy… we also get less (if any at all!) wriggling! Which is a bonus. The props we use are also designed with the baby’s size in mind, making it vital to come as early as you can if your baby is on the larger side.

Please do get in touch if you are interested in a newborn session for your little bundle. You can contact us via the contacts page on this website or feel free to reach out to use via: email, phone, Facebook, or Instagram.


07935604920 (may be turned off due to a session so please leave a text and I will get back to you ASAP)